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I am currently a student at Virginia Tech pursuing computer engineering degree! The purpose of this blog is to document interesting projects I do and share it with others! I hope you will find these projects as interesting as I have!

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Reverse Engineering Dodotronics Microphone

Introduction Dodotronics is one of the few reputable microphone brands that focuses on Bat and ultrasonic frequency acquisition for research. As niche as the company’s expertise sounds, there are currently no direct competitor that can deliver the quality and the price point Dodotronics’s Mini microphone can offer with the performance. Without any alternatives in the market, I have decided to design my own ultrasonic microphone that roughly covers the sensitivities of 50kHz to 80kHz that may compete against Dodotronic’s Mini Microphone.

LCD Problem (two line of boxes) with Anet A8 3D Printer

This was originally posted on This post was migrated on 2/3/2019 Welcome Two line of boxes are shown in the 2004A LCD. Do you have this problem and don’t want to read it over? Check if your pin 5 or the r/w pin is connected to ground. Also, check your little potentiometer at the back to see if your LCD contrast isn’t too high. Down the rabbit hole we go.

Building a Handheld Raspberry Pi Nintendo Switch

Building a Handheld Raspberry Pi Nintendo Switch Introduction When Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch was first introduced, I thought it was the perfect platform to game on the go. Ever since my Nintendo DS I got as a birthday present during my 6th grade birthday, I haven’t found any decent replacement for my on the go gaming need. Nintendo Switch’s design with its nice crispy 6 inch screen with detachable controller design inspired me to pursue my own handheld design.